Monday, January 07, 2008

Romney For President: "Tomorrow"

"Tomorrow" ... Romney's Two-Minute Warning

Mitt Romney hits the Granite State airwaves for his final plea to voters: a two-minute spot that airs tonight. In the ad, he pitches himself as, shocker, the change candidate.

"It's long past time to bring real change to Washington," says Romney, standing outside in the cold New Hampshire air, a gray sky above. "That's never going to happen if all we do is send the same people back to Washington to sit in different chairs."

Romney touts his experience running the Olympics and in business. And taking a page out of the Rudy Giuliani campaign handbook, he throws in a bit of economic and geopolitical fearmongering, asking: "Will someone in China or India take your job? Or will you be selling American products to them? Will your children fear attack from violent Jihadists?"



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