Friday, October 12, 2007

Steve Buehrer for Congress: Buehrer for Congress!

Video description: "Steve Buehrer for Congress Responds to Attack Ads by Bob Latta"

Romney For President: "Jihad"

Video description: "Romney For President Campaign Ad"

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Romney For President: "Stop Spending"

Video description: "Romney Radio Advertisement"

Latta for Congress Committee: Steve Buehrer a Well Connected Politician

Video description: "The truth is revealed about Steve Buehrer, candidate for Fifth District U.S. Congressional seat in Ohio."

Latta for Congress Committee: Bob Latta Rock Solid Conservative

Video description: "The conservative principles of Bob Latta are highlighted. Bob Latta is a candidate for U.S. Congressional District Five in Ohio."

Obama for America: "Quiet" - Barack Obama's New Hampshire Ad

Video description: "New TV ad on Energy Highlights Obama Core Principle: Don't just tell people what they want to hear, tell them what they need to hear."

Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee: Rudy Radio

Video description: "Listen to Rudy's new Iowa Radio Ad"

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Americans United for Change: Abby

Video description: "Ask your representatives: Do they stand with President Bush or do they stand with America's children?"

Note: This ad is currently running on television in Northwest Ohio.