Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hillary Clinton for President: Get It Done

Video description: "Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter explains why he's supporting Hillary for president."


Hillary Clinton for President: Spectacular

Video description: "Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says it's going to take a fighter to get us out of the mess we're in -- and Hillary is that fighter."


Hillary Clinton for President: Scranton

Video description: "Hillary spent her summers in Scranton growing up, and those memories are part of the foundation of her faith in the American dream."


Hillary Clinton for President: Falling Through - Pennsylvania

Video description: "The Bush economy is like a trapdoor. Pennsylvania families are too close to falling through."


Hillary Clinton for President: Steel

Video description: "Indiana Senator Evan Bayh says that Hillary Clinton is the leader that Indiana and America needs."

Note: Hillary Clinton's first ad up in Indiana.

[][via The Hotline]

Obama for America: "Maya" PA TV Ad

[via The Hotline]

Hillary Clinton for President: Nuestra Amiga (Our Friend)

Video description: "Hillary is the one candidate in this race who understands the Latino community and the problems that it faces -- lack of health care, the economic crisis, and the high cost of living."


Obama for America: "Billy" PA TV Ad

[via The Hotline]