Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee: Strong

Video description: "If we want a strong economy, we need a strong president. Hillary will end corporate tax breaks, create new jobs, and cut the deficit."

Friends of Fred Thompson: Revolution Web Ad 30 sec.

Video description: "Who's the True Conservative?"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: "Thank" Republicans For Your Higher Gas Prices

Video description: "Thanks to the Republican road blocks in Congress, gas prices continued to skyrocket just in time for the holiday travel rush -- ensuring that millions of dollars flowed into the pockets of their Big Oil friends and out of the pockets of America's hardworking families.

Remember the Bush Administration's secret meetings with his Big Oil friends to develop our nation's energy policy? We need to make sure the Halliburton presidency is in the past.

Want to "thank" Republicans for your higher gas prices? Visit"

Note: Will this ever air on television? I have no idea. But, I thought it was pretty entertaining.

John Edwards for President: John Edwards - "Mess" TV Ad - Iowa

Video description:
John Edwards' new Iowa ad, "Mess," focuses on his belief that ensuring our children have a better life is the great moral test of our generation. "We're going to have to be willing to take on this corrupt system and change it," says Edwards. "And if we're not going to do it, we're going to have to be willing to look our children in the eye and say we're going to leave this mess for you."

John Edwards for President: John Edwards - "Born" TV Ad - South Carolina

Video description: "John Edwards talks about his experience growing up in a working-class family in rural Carolina mill towns. "When the mills closed, I saw first hand how devastating bad government and corporate greed can be," says Edwards. "I'm running for president to do what I've always done -- fight for people like the ones I grew up with against the powerful forces that have corrupted Washington."

Edwards was the first Democratic candidate to air television ads in South Carolina. This is his third new spot in the state."

Huckabee for President Exploratory Committee: Believe

Video description: "Mike Huckabee discusses what he believes in this new ad."

Richardson for President: Richardson Talks Education in New Iowa TV Ad

Video description: "In this TV ad titled "Bold Plan" the narrator describes Richardson's vision for the American education system and his experience in dealing with the issue."

Romney For President: "Take Charge"

Video description: "Romney for President Advertisement"

Friends of Fred Thompson: Fred Thompson TV Ad: Marie (30 sec)

Video description: "Fred Thompson's TV ad, featuring Marie Ragghianti."

Friends of Fred Thompson: Fred Thompson TV Ad: Service (30 sec)

Video description: "
Fred Thompson's latest TV ad, "Service."


Video: "Ad Highlights Latta's Efforts to Improve Economy in NW Ohio "

Latta for Congress Committee: Bob Latta Supported by His Wife

Video commercial: "
Marcia Latta speaks fondly of Bob Latta in a tell all commercial."