Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ClubforGrowth.Net: ClubforGrowth.Net's New Huckabee Ad in Michigan

Video description: "ClubforGrowth.Net Releases New Huckabee Ad in Michigan

Washington -- Club for Growth.Net will begin running a new television issue ad tomorrow in Michigan, educating the public about Mike Huckabee's tax-and-spend record and urging people to call Mike Huckabee and tell him to support a permanent moratorium on taxation of Internet access. As governor, Mike Huckabee joined with two Democratic governors in opposing a federal ban on Internet taxes, saying a federal ban would amount to "putting a federal stop sign onto a state road."

Using a folksy humorous tone, the $200,000 ad buy demonstrates just how liberal Mike Huckabee's record was on taxes and spending. In fact, his economic record looks a lot like that of another governor from Hope, Arkansas—Democrat Bill Clinton. Besides increasing spending by 50%, Huckabee's support for higher taxes included:

· Sales tax (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/17/96)
· Gas tax (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 04/02/99)
· Grocery tax (Associated Press, 09/11/02)
· Taxes on nursing home beds (Associated Press, 06/25/01)
· Taxes on Internet access (Reuters, 02/23/04)

"Mike Huckabee argues that he is an economic conservative because he cut taxes ninety times, but he doesn't tell the American public that his tax increases far surpassed his tax cuts," said Club for Growth.Net President Pat Toomey. "Given Mike Huckabee's persistent dissembling, Club for Growth.Net feels it is important to educate people about Mike Huckabee's economic record so they can call the Arkansas governor and challenge him to reform his economic policies. The ad reflects Club for Growth.Net's conviction that economic growth can only be sustained by lowering the tax burden."

The $200,000 ad buy will run on statewide broadcast and cable television stations in Michigan through January 15."


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