Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mike Gravel for President 2008: Mike Gravel Thinks Different

Video description: "This is a commercial based off of Apple's 'Think Different' marketing campaign.

The very basis of Apple's marketing campaign way back when (and now) was that they offered the refreshing alternative to the ordinary. I think the same applies to Sen. Mike Gravel, and his presidential campaign. Sen. Gravel is the only candidate who realizes what the American people need to hear, not merely want to hear, so he's a candidate that 'Thinks Different.'

Mike Gravel is a candidate who knows that one man, without the support of major corporations, can make a difference, that's why he 'Thinks Different.'

This is a 'campaign ad' I based (very closely) off of that Apple 'Think Different" ad. The same analogies, allusions, and associations all apply, and I'm quite proud of this video.

It's time that the American people think different, not only in their choice of Personal Computer, but in their choice for the American President.

I'm voting for Mike Gravel because he 'Thinks Different.'

Rate it. Favorite it. Make people know that there's an alternative in the 2008 election. From all that I've learned from working with Sen. Gravel, it's that one man can make a difference.

Provided by Youtube User PoliticalAnalysis:"