Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton for President: Level - Mississippi

Video description: "Hillary will level the playing field against the special interests."

Note: This one's a repeat tailored for the state of Mississippi.


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Most things are Connected at Some Level? said...

Did the previous comment record correctly? Oh well, here is my last attempt :) ...

Now that Mr. Barone --of U.S. News & World Report-- has discussed whether Puerto Rico's "all-or-nothing" 63 Delegate Primary might be incredibly decisive in determining the outcome of the primary, will you comment on this related issue that may well impact the result of the PR Primary?

Will you discuss the person often described as the "French Obama" (for better or worse... she even endorsed Obama on her recent trip to America! :|).

Segolene Royal dans Harvard: Endorses independence for the U.S. territory of the United States, Puerto Rico?!

Have you seen this about the French Presidential hopeful, Segolene Royal, which seems to have appeared, among other places, in a page associated to the French ultra-prestigious newspaper, Le Monde Diplomatique?
Will you comment on it to offer a more balanced perspective and the uniquely yours and facinanting analysis that only you know how to offer?