Wednesday, February 13, 2008 Barack Obama Music Video - Hope Changes Everything

Video description: "New Barack Obama Music Video - Hope changes everything.

Get this video at and upload it to your own YouTube account to show support for America's rock star candidate.

Created by two dedicated Obama supporters in Los Angeles, CA.

Writer/Director: Eric Hirshberg
Producer: Tom Dunlap"

This one is not nearly as powerful as the Yes We Can music video but its worth taking a look at. I post these music videos and other non-ad based videos here on the blog because they demonstrate a creative way to get a message out. Videos like this one and the Yes We Can music video utilize the viral power of the internet rather than the singular controlling feel that you get from broadcast television and radio ads. Sometimes the way that one encounters the message is just as important as how the message is convey. This particular video was sent to me by a fellow blogspotter. If that person hadn't forwarded it on to me I probably wouldn't have decided it was worth posting here. So, in the end the way that a message arrives to its audience can adversely effect how the message is received.


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