Monday, December 31, 2007

Huckabee for President Exploratory Committee: The negative ad that Huckabee has vowed never to air.

Bootlegs of the negative ad that will never be shown on television can be seen here (truncated :30 ad) and here (full :30 ad) thanks to Mark Halperin of

Excerpt from Jonathan Martin's blog entry titled, "Huck's instant classic on

"Mike Huckabee's move to not run ads hitting back at Mitt Romney is a risky move that could rejuvenate his fading campaign — or ensure his defeat on Thursday.

That Huckabee still showed the spot to dozens of reporters jammed into a press conference will ensure the most skeptical, bordering on cynical, coverage on every national news broadcast tonight and in all the major national papers tomorrow. After it became clear that he was not going to air the ad on Iowa television, but would still preview it here, the press corps offered a collective laugh in plain recognition of what Huckabee was up to.

But what the snickering big feet here say tonight or write about tomorrow is not as important as how it will be described by the local journalists who were here."

The most interesting and important thing here is that thousands of people will see this attack ad and Huckabee hasn't had to spend a penny on an ad buy.

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