Monday, September 13, 2010

"Sorry, We're Closed -- TV Spot" Anti-Iott TV Ad

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It's Yet Another New Political Season!

It seems that I've taken two years off from the task of bringing you all the political campaign ads that I could find. My apologies for being gone for so long. But, if you're like me, you were probably a little burned out from the two plus years that it took to get through the last Presidential election.

Turning a new page in the story, I'm going to be honest with you. I'll check in from time to time with a new political ad posted here through November this year. As you know, that will all end once the election is over with and done. Then maybe we'll see each other again in the Spring. Just depends on how heated the Spring election season will get.

I hope that this blogs serves as a small resource in some way to the folks out there who looking for what's driving our elections; political advertising at 30 frames per second.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton for President: Jobs

Video description: "The next president has to begin putting the American people first. Your jobs. Your health care. Your futures."


Hillary Clinton for President: David

Video description: ""It is one of the highest obligations of our president and Commander-in-Chief to take care of our veterans. We owe everything to those who have served us.""


National Republican Congressional Committee: Warning Label

Note: This ad is not for one of the presidential candidates but an attack ad on Don Cazayouz. However, this ad also strongly attacks Barack Obama.

Video description: "NRCC's latest Don Cazayoux Ad"


Obama for America: "He Has What It Takes" - TV Ad

Video description: "Airing in Pennsylvania."


Hillary Clinton for President: Kitchen

Video description: "Harry Truman said it best: if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Who do you think has what it takes?"


Hillary Clinton for President: Spoke Out

Video description: "America is desperate for economic leadership. All it takes is a president who knows how."


Hillary Clinton for President: For People

Video description: "We need a leader who really cares about the people. She's for families, she's for people like me."


Saturday, April 19, 2008


Video description: ""


National Republican Senatorial Committee: Will Failed Governor Ronnie Musgrove Endorse Barack Obama?

Video description: "Will failed governor Ronnie Musgrove endorse Barack Obama, a man who calls small-town America 'bitter?'"


Obama for America: "[PRES] Obama: Guide"

Video description: "
A new web ad from Democrat Barack Obama."


Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund: MAIG Coalition's 2008 TV Ad

Video description: "Mayors Against Illegal Guns is launching this new TV ad to highlight bipartisan agreement for common sense measures to fight illegal guns such as closing the gun show loophole."


Friends of the Earth Action: Trillions More

Video description: "Senator McCain wants to add provisions for nuclear power into the Lieberman-Warner Bill"


John McCain 2008: TV Ad: Ignite

Video description: ""


Progressive Media USA: McCain: Out of Touch

Video description: "The Same Old Politics
McCain and Bush are one in the same on the economy. They've told us the economy is strong, we're just in a rough patch and we're not headed into a recession.

But here's the facts:
The economy has lost 232,000 jobs this year! From January to March 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that payroll employment has declined by 232,000. According to the Associated Press, "the year's job losses near the staggering quarter-million mark." [Bureau of Labor Statistics, Change in Payroll Employment, accessed 4/10/08; Associated Press, 4/4/08, emphasis added]

It's time to change the channel on the same old politics."


Hillary Clinton for President: Pennsylvania

Video description: "Take a look at our latest ad airing in Pennsylvania."


Obama for America: "It Won't" - TV Ad

Video description: "On the air in Pennsylvania..."


Hillary Clinton for President: Tammie

Video description: "I asked you to send me your questions and concerns and so many North Carolinians have done that."

[] Barack and the Boss

Video description: "Clinton's Attack Ad DES: On the heels of Bruce Springsteens's endorsement of Barack Obama, Slate V dreams up the perfect attack ad for Hillary Clinton."